there is actually an anti-feminism blog that exists. like. seriously?

and every fucking example is of the crazy people within the group THAT DO NOT REPRESENT FEMINISTS AS A WHOLE.

i just can’t. i can’t follow…

>Asks about violent feminists she’s not aware of

>has radical feminist in her profile


these violent feminists must not exist. goodbye~

No they do, but as soon as anyone points them out you all just pull a no true scotsman. 

Feminists against equal protection from domestic abuse. 

Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.

Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide.

Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. 

Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism.

Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands.

Propaganda campaign against male fathers wanting custody.

Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. 

Try to shut down female prisons.

Create rape laws that exclude female rapists.

Make it impossible to charge women with rape.

Feminists against equal custody.

What have feminists done for men?

Female felons should serve home sentences.

Told judges to be lenient on women.

Feminists cover up female domestic violence.

Feminists don’t want the gov to help unemployed men.

Feminists launch campaigns to help girls only while boys are doing worse in every facet of education.

Males who were raped as a child still have to pay child support.

Women should have the right to put a child up for adoption before the father gets custody.

Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it’s male rapists.

5 rights feminism ignores for men.

Feminists blame males for their abuse.

The primary aggressor clause where only men get charged with abuse.

Shame men into going to war.

Feminists dismiss female child rapists.

Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse.

Feminists mock a man who has his dick cut off.

Strawmanning MRA members.

feminists attack church.

Feminists transphobia

Feminists slander the MRM


And again, 

Call them terrorists.

Feminists shut down a festival about gender equality for including men.

Most Americansaren’t feminists.

 Feminist and Nazi parallels.

Feminists say women should only serve community sentences. 

Feminist MaryKoss denies malerape victims.

Feminist Harriet Harman has publicly requested employers to hire women in preference to White men if both job candidates are equally

Feminist fought a law against  Paternity Fraud.

Also Suzanne Steinmetz and her children received death threats and bomb threats she discovered that  the rate at which men were victimized by domestic violence was similar to the rate for women.

Richard Gelles and Murray Straus  have all received death threats from feminists, simply for publishing their findings (that female-to-male family violencewas equal to the rate of male-to-female violence).

Feminist run site includes advice on how to bleed husbands dry during a divorce. 

List of feminism’s crimes.

Feminists being assholes.

Once had a feminist tell me…

Feminism’s quotes from prominent members.

Feminist quotes on due process.

Bra don’t fit? Kill all men.

Women killed baby? Fathers fault.

Baby a boy? It’s cool, just hate it.

More feminists being assholes.

Still more.

Feminists hope MRA’s die.

Feminists against fathers day.

Feminist makes up fake assault stories. 

Feminists refuse to accept evidence.

Feminists exploit rape victims.

some of these people aren’t even feminists for one

And not a single example provided, convenient. But if you decide to actually show some intellectual integrity and attempt to actually prove which ones are wrong, instead of just asserting it, before you make s further fool of yourself might I suggest a quick google search of the author or group in question. While I know its popular here, in the rest of the world most people don’t start off sentences with “as a feminist” or get it tattooed on their fuckin forehead.

, a couple of these links actually are against your argument

Jesus, point out which links your limited reading comprehension failed to decipher so you just assumed they were on your side. I’l be happy to simplify them for you. 

btw if you didn’t read them all, and half of them are about MRAs.

No, none are about MRA’s. About 6 involve feminists attacking them. I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised you can’t count at this point. And sorry, but attacking people doesn’t become acceptable just because you dislike the group. That by definition makes you a bigoted piece of shit, have fun living with that knowledge. 

MRAs are super suspicious because if women and men both need equal rights then who’s the oppressive class??

Holy shit, you didn’t just drink the kool aid, you straight up fucking keg standed that shit. There is no oppressive class between men and women. There are things called societal double standards that effect both men and women. That are perpetuated by both men and women, many by feminism itself. Why don’t you take a look at some of the inequalities faced by men and tell me they face none? 

Boys in juvy raped by women. (94% are by women yet only 40% of the staff is female.)

Page 18- men are victims of rape in 27-50% of cases.

Man raped and forced to pay child support.

Study of 7,667 university students from 38 sites: 3.0% of men reported forced sex - See more at: 

12% of women reported ever using force strategy while 43% reported using a coercion 92% reported using a seduction initiate sex

Same study that says 1-4 women will be abused says 1-6 men will.

Men coerced into sex.

Women are more likely to rape inmates.

15% of male prisoners are raped every year. Putting America to be the first country ever to have a recorded higher number of male rapes than females.

97% of teachers punished for sexual misconduct are men, but only 57% of the acts committed are by men.

75% of homeless boys are abused my women. Not 75% of a abuse cases, 75 % of all homeless boys.

65% of male rape victims are assumed to be liars by professionals.

Despite all of this females make up less than a half of one percent of those incarcerated for rape.

Feminists defend female raping minor.

Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape.

Teacher sexually abuses 2 students, school refuses to take action. Women uses her husbands position as a cop to threaten the kids into not filing a report.

Defining male rape victims out of existence

Feminists primary aggressor clause discriminates against males.

Women commit domestic violence as often as men But only men get arrested for it.

Feminists cover up female domestic abuse stats.

Video about male domestic abuse.

Female violence mirror

Only one shelter for men.

Police threaten almost half of all men who say they are abused. 

Men are 3 times as likely to be arrested than the woman, when the man is the one reporting being abused. 

Many more studies.

Woman smashing bottle in mans face in public. Nobody gives a fuck.

Jezebel mocks men who are abused.

Feminists make sure the gov doesn’t spend money on male shelters or male research.

Female on male abuse in public is at best ignored, and at worst celebrated.

Public stops a man from abusing a woman in public, same crowd laughs when the roles are reversed. 

No funding for male shelter. 

Hot lines refuse to help men.

Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide. 

Study shows women more likely to be controlling. 

Female abusers ignored

at one point 48% of female shelters were gov funded. 

have 286 sources

Men are 77% of homicide victims. 

Feminists makes dick joke on social media, OK. Two men make dick joke two each other, Fucking public hysteria.

Some male “privileges.”

All men are viewed as pedo’s

Men are over 90% of all work place deaths. 

Men are 63.7% of homeless. 

Men are significantly more likely to be the victims of violent crime (of which rape is included) than women.

Women mock men who had his dick shoved into a garbage disposal, people think it’s hilarious.

5 sexist things society still expects from men.

Women against male birth control pill

Men can be sued for not having sex with their wives.

Sexism against males in media is ok, but not the vice versa.

Frenchman ordered to pay wife damages for lack of sex 

Impotence is grounds for divorce.

Circumcisions kills. Circumcision decreases sexual pleasureCircumcision policy is influenced by psychosocial factors rather than alleged health benefitsCircumcision linked to pain, trauma, and psychosexual sequelaeCircumcision may lead to abnormal brain development and subsequent deviations in behaviorCircumcision decreases penile sensitivityCircumcision associated with sexual difficultiesThe exaggeration of the benefits of circumcision in regards to HIV/AIDS transmissionCircumcision/HIV claims are based on insufficient evidenceThere is no case for the widespread implementation of circumcision as a preventative measure to stop transmission of AIDS/HIV

Sexist ads hurt men just as much as women.

Males commit suicide at over 3 times the rate of women

Inequalities in child support and custody.

Man can be denied their children because the mother remarried. 

Women can put a child up for adoption without the fathers consent. 

Male rape victims forced to pay their rapists child support.  (x,x)

Mothers get custody 84% of the time. 

Arrested for paying too much child support.

Mothers can steal sperm and sue for child support. 

Paternity fraud is rampant. In as many as 30% of cases, fathers are being forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs. (x)

women receive more athletic scholarships

Its ok to mock men for having small dicks.

Men are the victims of violence more often.

 women receive lighter sentences and a higher chance of acquittal, simply for being women.

Average sentences for same crime under similar circumstances (robbed someone with a gun, knife, etc):Female – 18.51 months Male – 51.52 months (x)

Unequal prison sentences.

Boys get worse grades despite better test results.

Boys do worse in every facet of education including college enrollment.

Female only programs.

College kicks out male for standard of rape so low the woman accusing him was also guilty, but not persecuted. 

24 indicators of oppression against men

But what about the men?

Male eating disorders.

Boys should be grateful for being raped by older women.

Boys more likely to flunk and drop out of school.

Elementary schools are biases against boys.

Women use sex as a bargaining chip. 

Men demanding sex=entitled. Women demanding sex=empowered?

For every 100 girls,

Male victims of domestic abuse have a 47% chance to be threatened by police, 35% of being completely ignored, and a 21% chance of being arrested themselves. 

Of the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that they “only helped women.” In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs. Another 25% were given a phone number to call that turned out to be a batterers’ program. A little over a quarter of them were given a reference to a local program that helped.

Sixteen percent said the people at the hot line “dismissed or made fun of them.” 

In fiscal year 2015 the United States Government will grant Two Hundred and Twenty Two Million in Grants to Combat Violence against WomenNo money is earmarked to benefit males. None

Meanwhile organizations such as NNEDV.ORG lists men not getting a job as a form of domestic violence.

Government refuses to help male dominated fields that were hit the hardest during the depression.

who do we need to be equal to? hmm?? who’s left to point the finger at since men kindly vanished from the spotlight when they suddenly all became oppressed MRAs? no one?

How fucking pathetic is it that you literally are upset at having nobody to blame and point a finger at? Is personal accountability and responsibility that frightening to you that you need to throw half the country under the bus to preserve your feelz?