Anonymous asked:

What's wrong with not liking add block? I use it, but I have it turned off on sites that I go onto on a regular basis and aren't full of awful or nsfw adds or something. Shouldn't dudes make money from the stuff they make?

loltaku answered:

You can dislike it all you want, but bitching about is childish. Might as well cry that the sun comes up in the morning.

Nobody has adblock on to steal money from your pocket. They have it on because despite internet advertising existing for over a decade, websites still choose to run adverts that pop up over your window or play sound or flash obnoxiously or any other similar bullshit. They don’t turn it off because it functions in the background and I’m sure a lot of people with it on forget it’s even there unless reminded.

Ask your audience to turn it off. Most of them will. Unless of course you then betray their trust by running an advert like I just mentioned. Then you’ll probably get them to turn it right back on. 

Or ideally, give your audience a method to give you money directly. Sell merchandise, or have a Patreon or something.

Adblocks affects all content creators. If you’re feeling a crunch, it’s not because of adblock.